Aired: November 29, 2019

Science Out in the World



Kid examines an animal skull. Image source: NPS Photo / Nathan Kostegian

  • The Tale of the Traveling Nematodes (10 min.)

    With: Ashleigh Smythe (Virginia Military Institute)

    After the 2011 earthquake in Japan, nematodes traveled all the way from Japan to California. Ashleigh Smythe is studying the tiny worms and learning about their miraculous migration.

  • The Science of Citizenship (9 min.)

    With: Alix Fink (Longwood University)

    There’s a lot to learn in science class: the periodic table, the stages of a butterfly, but also … how to be an American citizen. Alix Fink says learning science is about learning how to participate in our democracy.

  • Appalachia Growing (5 min.)

    With: Ben Casteel (Virginia Highlands Community College)

    Ben Casteel grew up with a passion for the Appalachian landscape all around him. Today, he shares that passion with horticulture students at Virginia Highlands Community College. He believes in the value of native plants and promoting biodiversity.

  • Wildlife in Botswana (16 min.)

    With: Kathleen Alexander (Virginia Tech)

    If you’re poor in Botswana, lions and elephants aren’t cool wildlife—they’re threats to your crops, your herds, and your family. But protecting a robust wildlife population is high priority for a country whose wealthy and middle classes rely on tourism. Kathleen Alexander is working in Botswana to bridge the gap between conserving wildlife and helping impoverished communities.

  • Sex, Mosquitos, and Zika (12 min.)

    With: Zhijan Tu (Virginia Tech)

    Could creating an imbalance between the sexes in a mosquito population help solve the Zika problem? Zhijan Tu says it might be possible to slow the spread of Zika and other viruses like Dengue and Chikungunya by making female mosquitos scarce.


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