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We Danced

Philicia Jefferson (Pentecostal Theological Seminary)

In 1970, Philicia Jefferson was forced to integrate into all-white, E.C. Glass High School in Lynchburg, Virginia. 40 years later, she finally attended her first class reunion. She says it was a profoundly healing experience.

14 mins

Fighting For Equal Education

Owen Cardwell (University of Lynchburg)

As a teenager, Owen Cardwell made history as one of the first Black students to attend E.C. Glass High School. Today, he continues to work on improving equity in public schools as a civil rights leader and scholar.

14 mins

Massive Resistance

Brian Daugherity (Virginia Commonwealth University)

In 1951, Barbara Johns led a student strike for equal education at Robert Russa Moton High School. Brian Daugherity explains how this small community in Prince Edward County came to be at the center of the national fight to end segregated schools.

12 mins

Token Desegregation

Dwana Waugh (Sweet Briar College)

Dwana Waugh has listened to countless oral histories from students who lived through desegregation. She says what struck her most was the painful sense of loss African American students felt when leaving their all-black schools.

12 mins

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