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After the Hurricane

Deborah Ulmer (Longwood University)

After Hurricane Katrina, thousands of nurses rushed down south to help. Many of them say the experience changed their lives forever.

11 mins

Captain America in History

Brian Puaca (Christopher Newport University)

We trace the patriotic roots of the comic book and movie superhero Captain America.

11 mins

Flight Anxiety

Lindsey Harvell and Tatjana M. Hocke-Mirzashvili (James Madison University)

Help may be coming for those who suffer from an intense fear of flying.

7 mins

Love in the Workplace

Mandy O’Neil (George Mason University)

A study finds that an affectionate work environment boosts teamwork and job satisfaction, leading to less burnout and absenteeism.

13 mins

Caring for Aging Parents

Sarah Gilbert (Radford University)

With people living longer, more adult children are caring for their aging parents. Sarah Gilbert shares long-term planning tips for this period in our lives.

11 mins

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