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The Lost Vault of Klezmer

Joel Rubin (University of Virginia)

A new CD anthology: Chekhov’s Band: Eastern European Klezmer 1908-1913 reveals what traditional Jewish Klezmer music sounded like before the Russian Revolution. From its discovery in the London Gramophone Company’s lost vault of recordings to its rerelease today, master Klezmer musician Joel Rubin walks through the astounding story of these lost pages of musical history.

17 mins

How Opera Became Elite

Katherine Preston (College of William & Mary)

There was a time when opera was as beloved in American society as sitcoms and movies are today — but it all came crashing to a halt in 1873. Katherine Preston walks us through the forgotten history of the American people’s love affair with opera and how it turned into theater for the elite.

11 mins

The Meaning of (A Charlie Brown) Christmas

Inman Majors (James Madison University)

This time of year wouldn’t be the same without the music.  Producer Elliot Majerczyk talks to author and professor Inman Majors about the iconic Charlie Brown Christmas.

8 mins

This Christmas

Hermine Pinson (College of William & Mary)

Elliot talks to poet, singer, and scholar Hermine Pinson about the late soul singer Donny Hathaway’s hit “This Christmas” and its meaning to her as a child of the ’70s.

7 mins

Joy & Caroling

Rob Vaughn (Virginia Foundation for the Humanities)

Elliot’s boss Rob Vaughn drops by to talk about the joy of singing, the magic of traditional carols, and the transcendent beauty of Christmas hymns.

9 mins

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