Aired: March 19, 2016

Starting Up

  • Monticello's Innovations (3 min.)

    With: Charles Morrill

    Thomas Jefferson brought ideas from around the world home to Monticello where he lived a life full of the latest technology.

  • Reddit (21 min.)

    With: Alexis Ohanian, University of Virginia

    Just after finishing college at the University of Virginia, Ohanian with his friend Steve Huffman, created Reddit. Designed to be the front page of the Internet, Reddit is now one of the most talked about and influential spots on the web.

  • Chromat (16 min.)

    With: Becca McCharen, University of Virginia

    McCharen began designing structural corsets and body-cages for small fashion shows. Only a few years later, that hobby has grown into Chromat, an experimental label worn by just about every major female pop star, including Beyoncé, Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Nicki Minaj.

  • Entrepreneurial Values (11 min.)

    With: Ron Monark, College of William and Mary

    While the term “entrepreneur” goes in and out of fashion, Monark says that the skills required to start a new company have always been in vogue.



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