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The Voyage of the USS Albatross

Kent Carpenter (Old Dominion University)

In 1908, the U.S.S. Albatross set off on a research expedition to the newly acquired U.S. colony of the Philippines. Today, Kent Carpenter is studying the more than 80,000 fish samples collected by the Albatross to uncover how overfishing is actually changing fish genetics. Carpenter has been named an Outstanding Faculty member by The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

13 mins

Birds Are Dinosaurs?

Brandon Jackson (Longwood University)

The Chukar Partridge is a common ground-bird found in parts of Asia and the western United States. Brandon Jackson believes this species is the key to understanding the evolutionary link between dinosaurs and birds.

15 mins

Protecting the Mexican Free-Tailed Bat

Rick Sherwin (Christopher Newport University)

When a neighboring wind farm was endangering an entire population of bats at the Rose Guano Cave in Spring Valley, Nevada, Rick Sherwin helped come up with an ingenious system to protect them.

13 mins


Jason Gibson (Patrick Henry Community College)

“Toad Day” is the one night that all toads in a single region mate, and biologist Jason Gibson celebrates it each year. Gibson also started HerpBlitz, an annual citizen scientist event to collect information on reptiles and amphibians.

11 mins

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