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Too Sticky!

Jennifer Malia (Norfolk State University)

When Jennifer Malia started researching her young daughter’s behaviors, she realized that both she and her daughter were on the autism spectrum. Malia has a children’s book coming out next year, called: Too Sticky! Sensory Issues with Autism.

12 mins

Making Fun Accessible

Leslie Daniel (Radford University)

Leslie Daniel celebrates autism and shares some basic strategies for communicating with children on the autism spectrum.

8 mins

Classrooms for Everyone

Jackie Spainhour

Children’s museums can be tricky for kids with autism. Through personal experience and extensive research, Jackie Spainhour has come up with some ways to make children’s museums fun for all.

8 mins

French Fries and Friendships

Amy Best (George Mason University)

It’s New Year’s resolution time. In 2022 we will all exercise more, lay off Netflix, and eat better … right? If you’re tired of thinking about your own health, maybe it’s time to turn to the kids. Amy Best says that part of getting young people to make the right food choices means understanding what they like about bad food.

11 mins

The No-Cocooning Concussion

Bob O’Connor (UVA Health)

If you ever got a concussion as a kid, doctors might have recommended cocooning: staying in a dark room, no reading, no TV, don’t use your brain. Bob O’Connor has new guidelines that suggest young people should return to normal activity as soon as possible.

13 mins

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