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Clubbing Is Political

madison moore (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Bars, nightclubs, dance, and music have long held a special place in LGBTQ culture. But even as shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race and Pose bring that culture into the mainstream, real-life gay bars and clubs are shuttering. DJ and Professor madison moore argues that the club scene and the “fabulous” fashions on display there are radical spaces for queer and trans of color togetherness.

17 mins

The Lost Queer World of Roanoke Virginia

Gregory Samantha Rosenthal (Roanoke College), Don Muse, and Peter Thornhill

Gregory Samantha Rosenthal, Don Muse, and Peter Thornhill describe the sometimes-dangerous, always-exciting gay bars of the 1970s and 1980s in Roanoke, VA, before the AIDS crisis and gentrification changed the scene forever. 

11 mins

Of Bounce and Beyoncé

Lauron Kehrer (Western Michigan University)

Growing up, Lauron Kehrer’s parents wouldn’t let her listen to hip-hop music. Now, she studies it for a living. Kehrer says hip-hop by both straight and LGBTQ artists can help us better understand race, gender, and sexuality.

14 mins

Dancing Queerness, Dancing Diaspora

Al Evangelista (Oberlin College)

Choreographer and performer Al Evangelista brings us into the world of experimental queer Pilipinx dance, a form that he and his collaborators say can spark conversations and social change.

10 mins

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