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Massive Retaliation

Martin Sherwin (George Mason University)

During the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, tensions between the United States and Russia nearly led to nuclear disaster. So what prevented the unthinkable from happening? Martin Sherwin Martin Sherwin is the late Pulitzer prize winning co-author of American Prometheus, the biography of J. Robert Oppenheimer. He argued that it had something to do with luck.

19 mins

Conflict and Climate

Philip Roessler (William & Mary)

Philip Roessler has studied the impact of rising temperatures on conflict zones around the world. He predicts climate change will soon become one of the main drivers of large scale political violence.

9 mins

Improving America’s Relations with China

Patrick Rhamey (Virginia Military Institute)

China has burst onto the scene as one of the world’s most powerful countries – forcing the United States to take notice. Patrick Rhamey says as competition heats up between the two countries, the Biden administration should avoid treating China as the enemy.

11 mins

America’s Alliances

Jason Davidson (University of Mary Washington)

George Washington famously warned against the dangers of alliances in his Farewell Address. But Jason Davidson says despite Washington’s misgivings, America has relied on foreign alliances throughout its history.

14 mins

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