Aired: October 17, 2009

Remarkable Trees – and Birds – of Virginia

tree_book_jacketDespite what many people believe, fall leaf color in Virginia is remarkably consistent every year. Dendrologist John Seiler (Virginia Tech) has been studying fall leaf color for decades.

Also: biologist Dan Cristol (William & Mary) says mercury pollution in waterways is not only bad for fish-eating birds, but for songbirds as well, who are absorbing the toxin through the spiders they eat.

And: nature writer Nancy Ross Hugo and Jeff Kirwan (Virginia Tech) teamed up with photographer Robert Llewellyn to produce a book showcasing the beauty, history and variety of Virginia’s trees.

See images from Remarkable Trees of Virginia


2 Comments on “Remarkable Trees – and Birds – of Virginia”

  1. Caroline Watts

    I am a member of WMRA and just finished listening to your most wonderful and interesting nature selections. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

  2. Rebecca L. Crockett

    Although we live in North Carolina, my husband and I are both Virginia natives and we own a second home in Wythe County, VA. I should very much like to have a CD of this program —which I understand in free. If there is a charge of any sort for mailing or whatever, please let me know and I shall be glad to send a check.
    Thank you very much,
    Rebecca (Lodge) Crockett
    2115 W. Club Blvd.
    Durham, NC 27705

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