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Abby Braitman (Old Dominion University)

Universities have been trying to curb dangerous binge drinking for years. Today’s students are glued to their phones, and Abby Braitman and her colleagues are meeting them where they are for interventions.

15 mins

Drinking and Intimate Partner Violence

Meagan Brem (Virginia Tech University)

Meagan Brem says that drinking is intertwined with a lot of the intimate partner violence that happens on college campuses.

13 mins

The Psychodelic Renaissance

Javier González-Maeso’s (Virginia Commonwealth University)

There’s a psychedelic renaissance going on in Javier González-Maeso’s biochemistry lab. He’s hoping to develop a new drug using psilocybin, the component found in magic mushrooms, to help people battling alcohol abuse disorder.

9 mins

Manage the Gut, Manage the Addiction

Jasmohan Bajaj (Virginia Commonwealth University)

How Jasmohan Bajaj discovered that addiction lives in the gut, not the mind.

15 mins

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