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An Automated Taxi System for Seniors

Nathan Sprague (James Madison University)

There’s a new robot in town. Nathan Sprague and the JMU X-Lab faculty are in their fifth year of retrofitting a golf cart. The automated machine will ideally transport seniors around senior citizen communities.

15 mins

The Drag Free Digital Dream

William Little (University of Virginia)

What’s real? A documentarian used AI to generate the late celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain’s voice in a documentary. William Little says the controversy illuminates our celebrity worship.

13 mins

Smarter, Lifesaving Data

Daphne Yao (Virginia Tech)

Technology is only as good as the minds that make it. Daphne Yao is improving medical data bias by simply introducing data of more marginalized people.

10 mins

Structure Prediction Miracle

Amarda Shehu (George Mason University)

Google’s “Alpha Fold 2” allows scientists to see what they’re targeting when creating medicine. Amarda Shehu says this dramatically transforms the field of molecular biology, where scientists have worked without this “structure prediction miracle.”

14 mins

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