Aired: April 7, 2018

Real Love

Wooden hearts tied on a string. Image source: Pixabay. Licensed by CC0.

  • Nurturing Love (16 min.)

    With: Sharon Salzberg

    In her new book, Real Love, Sharon Salzberg shows us love isn’t just an emotion we feel. It’s an ability we can nurture and cultivate.

  • The Pause (12 min.)

    With: Jonathan Bartels (University of Virginia)

    “The Pause” is when medical caregivers take a moment together at the bedside of a patient who has died. This quiet moment honors the life of the person who died and the efforts made by their caretakers.

  • Building Identity (24 min.)

    With: Oliver Hill, Jr. (Virginia State University)

    The story of a search for identity, from the legal battle for school integration in the 1950s, to a radical college experience, an unexpected connection at an ashram, and finally a teacher and researcher committed to mindfulness and meditation.



2 Comments on “Real Love”

  1. Gracie M. Barker

    Thank you for this. It was my Sunday morning service. The universal message coupled with being from Petersburg and having worked near Howard University when, apparently, he was there added to the relevance to my own experience. A concern is to treat mindfulness with respect even though it may not be at at the depths of meditation that Dr. Bill talks of. It may only be a first step, but as one who it has helped in dealing with anexities, it was, and is, an important element in dealing with my restless mind. This small, quiet talk was so good to hear. Thank you.

    1. sbm2p

      Good morning Gracie. I felt just the way you do about Oliver Hill’s story of how much mindfulness and meditation have meant to his life and well-being. I’m glad his story touched you too.

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