Aired: January 3, 2020

Real Love

Wooden hearts tied on a string. Image source: Pixabay. Licensed by CC0.

  • Nurturing Love (16 min.)

    With: Sharon Salzberg

    In her new book, Real Love, Sharon Salzberg shows us love isn’t just an emotion we feel. It’s an ability we can nurture and cultivate.

  • The Pause (12 min.)

    With: Jonathan Bartels (University of Virginia)

    “The Pause” is when medical caregivers take a moment together at the bedside of a patient who has died. This quiet moment honors the life of the person who died and the efforts made by their caretakers.

  • Building Identity (24 min.)

    With: Oliver Hill, Jr. (Virginia State University)

    The story of a search for identity, from the legal battle for school integration in the 1950s, to a radical college experience, an unexpected connection at an ashram, and finally a teacher and researcher committed to mindfulness and meditation.



1 Comment on “Real Love”

  1. dave

    i love listening to your program every Sunday morning and appreciate the work done by all of you. I particularly like the wide array of subjects every week, and the weekly thread within. Thank you.

    As i listen I pull up your web to kind of “watch along”. It would be helpful for each segment if there was a picture of the interviewee and perhaps a link to their “faculty bio” page. It’s much more “pulling in” to actually see a face and associate to the words being listened to.

    Again, thank you for your good works.

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