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Creative Languages

Alfonzo Perez Acosta (Virginia Humanities K-12 Education Fellow)

New-to-this-country students are constantly being asked to adapt. And often, their wellbeing is measured almost entirely by their ability to speak English. Alfonzo Perez Acosta is an arts educator. In his classroom, he gives students the tools to let their art do the talking.

14 mins

Now Recording

Chioke I’Anson (VCU ICA Community Media Center)

Everybody has a story. Not everyone has a place to tell it. Through the Community Media Center, Chioke I’Anson hopes to solve the problem of the untold story.

14 mins

A Place to Call Our Own

Cassandra Newby-Alexander (Norfolk State University)

Education has long been seen as a tool of racial uplift. In the early twentieth century, Phyllis Wheatley YWCA’s across the country served young Black girls and women. Cassandra Newby-Alexander fondly recalls her days at the Norfolk YWCA, and is hopeful about what the old facility could become today.

14 mins

Pathways to College

Janelle Marshall (Pathways to the Arts and Humanities)

A generous grant from the Mellon Foundation has changed the game for many Richmond area high schoolers. Janelle Marshall and her team are helping get students enrolled, and sticking beside them all the way until the finish line. 

10 mins

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