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Is Your Brain on the Road?

Bryan Porter (Old Dominion University)

Whether you’re on foot crossing the street, or behind the wheel — there are a lot of new technologies to be distracted by. Bryan Porter says that we do not recover from looking at our phones as quickly as we think. Is your brain on the road when you are?

14 mins

Less Screens, Please!

Robyn Kondrad (James Madison University)

Screen time is transforming children’s brains. Robyn Kondrad says there are times when it is useful, alongside glaring limitations.

14 mins

Compassionate Classrooms

Thomas Geary (Tidewater Community College)

Many of us have horror stories of how we took out extra student loans or took on a new job to pay for textbooks. Thomas Geary heard so many of those stories that he transformed his syllabus to focus on free resources.

15 mins


Vivian Mortii (George Mason University)

A lot of our handheld devices are fun. But they can also help us to monitor our health. Vivian Motti is working with a team on a smartwatch app that supports neurodiverse people in being more independent.

9 mins

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