Aired: March 9, 2018

Privatization and Public Universities

Students staring ahead in a lecture hall. Image credit: Tulane Public Relations.Licensed by CC by 2.0.

  • Privatization and the Public Good (21 min.)

    With: Matthew Lambert (William & Mary)

    With state support shrinking and the dependence on private support increasing for most public universities what does the financial landscape of the future look like? What makes an institution public? Is it the source of funding? History? Mission? Or something else?

  • Great Expectations (7 min.)

    With: Germanna Community College

    When a foster child turns 18 in Virginia, they’re suddenly forced to fend for themselves. And the results are troubling. Great Expectations works at 21 of the 23 Virginia Community Colleges to help young people beat the odds and get from foster care to college and–ultimately–the workforce.

  • Welding Is Hot (14 min.)

    With: Andrew Folsom (Blue Ridge Community College)

    Whether it’s building ships or skyscrapers, welders are in high demand. Andrew Folsom fell in love with welding after taking classes at Blue Ridge Community College. Now, thanks to a big investment by the state of Virginia, he’s training others and the classes are packed.

  • Paperless Shipbuilding (10 min.)

    With: Jennifer Grimsley Michaeli (Old Dominion University)

    A fourth-generation shipbuilder is helping bring paperless shipbuilding to the U.S. Navy.



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