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Sacred & Profane

Martien Halvorson-Taylor (University of Virginia) and Kurtis Schaeffer (University of Virginia). 

This week we’re excited to share an episode of a new podcast called Sacred & Profane hosted by two religious studies professors, Martien Halvorson-Taylor and Kurtis Schaeffer. The podcast explores not only how people think about religion, but how they act around it. Stories explore religion in our day-to-day lives–how we live, die, argue, and flourish.

28 mins

Religion in the Refugee Camp

Christina Anne Kilby (James Madison University)

Christina Anne Kilby says that at the level of the state, the community, the family, and the individual, religion can provide positive resources for dealing with refugee and migrant crisis.

13 mins

When The Neighborhood Gentrifies, Where Does God Go?

Annie Blazer (William & Mary)

Annie Blazer examines how Southern congregations, both historically Black and historically white, approach the challenges of urban gentrification. She says that changing neighborhoods have even spurred some churches to transform their religious missions.

11 mins

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