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Predicting Civil Conflict

Atin Basu (Virginia Military Institute)

Atin Basu and his colleague’s Hotspot Predictors placed America high on the conflict predictor index for 2019. Sure enough, in 2020, we’ve seen hundreds of thousands of people marching in the streets, guns flying off of the shelves and police and military using weapons against civilians. And there are 3 months left in the year. Can Predicting Hotspots help us see ahead to 2021?

12 mins

Human Security

Christie Jones (George Mason University)

Christie Jones was working in homeland security when the killing of Trayvon Martin shifted her perspective on how we define terrorism in the United States.

16 mins

Connecting STEM + Social Justice

Juan Garibay (University of Virginia)

As an undergraduate student, Juan Garibay found himself frustrated by his math program. He was in one of the best programs in the nation, but his professors couldn’t connect STEM to social justice. Now, Garibay is studying how STEM careers could be a pipeline for social justice.

15 mins

The Power of Water

Mark Fink (Longwood University)

How Mark Fink is using relevant social topics to drive the biological content in his courses. 

9 mins

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