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Getting Help

Stacey Clifton (Radford University)

Police suicide rates are on the rise. It’s clear that mental health is a real problem in the profession. Stacey Clifton studies how the very culture of police–a sort of macho suppression of emotion–makes it extra hard to address their mental health crises.

16 mins

Crossing Barriers

Brian Williams (University of Virginia)

Conversations around community policing are polarizing. It can be hard to have a meaningful and useful conversation. Brian Williams believes that conversations that first hit the heart can impact the head and hands, bringing corrective and collaborative action.

13 mins

White Collar Crime

Thomas Dearden (Virginia Tech)

When we think of policing, we don’t usually think about policing white collar crime. Thomas Dearden explains some of the challenges of stopping white collar crime.

11 mins

Queen Elizabeth’s Enforcer

Mark Rankin (James Madison University)

Before England had a police force, Queen Elizabeth had a secret enforcer named Richard Topcliffe. Topcliffe’s job was to track down suspected Catholics and use their own pro-Catholic books as weapons against them. Centuries later, Mark Rankin found those books and uncovered the treasonous evidence that Topcliffe planted in their margins.

13 mins

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