Aired: March 15, 2019

Poetry that Heals

A vintage engraving of a woman's anatomy. Image source: National Library of Medicine. PD US Government.

  • Virginia’s Poet Laureate (14 min.)

    With: Henry Hart (William and Mary)

    What’s the role of poetry in the face of tragedy? Virginia’s poet laureate shares how poetry can emerge in the wake of loss.

  • The Poetry Lab (14 min.)

    With: Laura Bylenok (University of Mary Washington)

    In college, Laura Bylenok was fascinated with genetic engineering. Now, she manipulates language, not DNA. Her recent book turns familiar forms into poetic laboratory experiments.

  • Poetry that Heals (24 min.)

    With: Irène Mathieu (University of Virginia)

    To some, poetry and medicine seem like opposites. But pediatrician and poet Irène Mathieu says both science and poetry use language to understand deeper truths about the human condition. Mathieu’s latest collection, Grand Marronage, examines the lives of Creole women of color in New Orleans.



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