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Sam Nester, Yassmin Salem,and Donald Russell (George Mason University)

If plants could talk, what would they say? What if they could sing? Sam Nester, Yassmin Salem, and Donald Russell explain how George Mason University’s Arcadia installation turns a greenhouse into an orchestra.

17 mins

Reviving the Giant Oysters

Rowan Lockwood (William & Mary)

Fossils give away the secrets of the past, but they can also tell the future. Rowan Lockwood is taking a closer look at the fossils of giant oysters to learn how to rebuild oyster reefs today. Lockwood was named a 2019 Virginia Outstanding Faculty Award recipient.

11 mins

Disappearing Blue Lakes

Dina Leech (Longwood University)

Crystal blue lakes might make for a popular tourist spot, but they’re starting to disappear. Dina Leech is studying what gives lakes their color and why they’re changing. Plus: While forests are a deep green right now, in just a few months leaves will be changing colors–thanks, in part, to caterpillars.

14 mins

The Power of Caterpillars

Rebecca Forkner (George Mason University)

Rebecca Forkner shares how these tiny insects change their environments and what we can learn from them.

10 mins

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