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The Site

Justin Reid (Virginia Humanities)

Virginia Humanities Director of African American Programming Justin Reid takes With Good Reason Producer Cass Adair to the site where historians believe a white mob lynched John Henry James in 1898.

3 mins

The Terror

Jalane Schmidt (University of Virginia)

In 2018, a hundred Charlottesville residents traveled to Montgomery, Alabama, to memorialize his death and commit to fighting white supremacy. Professor and organizer Jalane Schmidt talk us through Charlottesville’s Civil Rights Pilgrimage.

16 mins

The Lunch Counter

Susan Bro and Kathryn Laughon

At the Center for Civil and Human Rights museum in Atlanta, visitors have an opportunity to experience what it felt like to integrate lunch counters in the US South. Susan Bro and Kathryn Laughon explain their experience at the exhibit, and how it reminded them of the white supremacist attacks in Charlottesville in 2017.

5 mins

The Memorial

Bryan Stephenson (Equal Justice Initiative)

Bryan Stephenson, founder of the Equal Justice Initiative, speaks to Charlottesville city residents in Montgomery, Alabama.

4 mins

Changing the Narrative

Tracy Spurlin-Saravanan, Ma’asehyahu Isra-Ul, and Antoinette Waters

Three Virginia teachers at the Kellogg Summer Teaching Institute share successful strategies for combatting racism in public schools.

5 mins

Teaching After August 12

Anne Ernst (Charlottesville High School) and Rachel Caldwell (Burnley-Moran Elementary School)

For teachers in Charlottesville, August is an opportunity to reflect on how their classrooms have changed since the white supremacist attacks on August 11 and 12, 2017, and how they plan to teach race going forward. Anne Ernst and Rachel Caldwell discuss racial healing in the classroom.

13 mins

Origami Swans from Charlottesville

Nic Stone

Young adult author Nic Stone describes her transformative visit to Charlottesville public schools.

6 mins

Content warning: this episode includes vivid descriptions of racial terror lynching, an auditory reenactment of racist assaults on protestors, and a description of police brutality against a black child. Please listen with care.

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