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The Landmine Survivor’s Network

Ken Rutherford (James Madison University)

Many displaced Iraqis returning to their homes are finding landmines and booby-traps left for them by ISIS fighters. One woman opened her refrigerator and found a landmine on her vegetable shelf. Ken Rutherford co-founded the Landmine Survivors Network, and says this is the first time in the world’s history that roadside bombs target civilians.

28 mins

The Politics of Weapon Inspections

Nathan Busch (Christopher Newport University)

How do we guarantee Iran has stopped all nuclear weapons efforts? In his forthcoming book, Nathan Busch lays bare the politics of weapon inspections for Iran and many other nations.

13 mins

Is Large-Scale Conflict Preventable?

Atin Basuchoudhary (Virginia Miltiary Institute)

If we accept that conflict is a rational decision, we can develop policies to prevent it. Atin Basuchoudhary has studied the factors that push people to violence, to identify the causes for large-scale conflict.

11 mins

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