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Too Sticky!

Jennifer Malia (Norfolk State University)

When Jennifer Malia started researching her young daughter’s behaviors, she realized that both she and her daughter were on the autism spectrum. Malia has a children’s book coming out next year, called: Too Sticky! Sensory Issues with Autism.

13 mins

Making Fun Accessible

Jackie Spainhour

Museums can be tricky for kids with autism. Through personal experience and extensive research, Jackie Spainhour has come up with some ways to make museums fun for all.

8 mins

Classrooms for Everyone

Leslie Daniel (Radford University)

Leslie Daniel celebrates autism. She shares some basic strategies for communicating with children on the autism spectrum.

8 mins

Thinking in Pictures

Temple Grandin

Temple Grandin is known as an expert in the livestock industry and as an eloquent leader for autistic rights.

6 mins

Autism on the Page (and Screen)

Christofer Foss (University of Mary Washington)

Christofer Foss explores how autism is portrayed in literature and film. He says it’s time to rethink difference, dignity, discrimination, and other disability issues.

18 mins

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