Aired: September 20, 2014

Paddle Battle and Puppy Play

Image via Wikipedia
Image via Wikipedia

For coastal cities around the world, surf tourism brings huge revenue, but it can also bring conflict. Lindsay Usher (Old Dominion University) studies the rough waves that are sometimes made between locals and surf tourists. And: It’s no surprise that dogs make friends at the dog park, but it turns out people do too. Ed Gomez (Old Dominion University) says that dog parks build community and cut back on crime. Plus: After starting an antique photo collection, Ann-Janine Morey (James Madison University) discovered that old photos of people with their pets can teach us a lot about class.

colorful-autumn-mountainLater in the show: Despite what many people believe, fall leaf color in Virginia is remarkably consistent every year. Dendrologist John Seiler (Virginia Tech) has been studying fall leaf color for decades. Also: Biologist Dan Cristol (College of William and Mary) says mercury pollution in waterways is not only bad for fish-eating birds, but also for songbirds, who are absorbing the toxin through the spiders they eat.

  • Paddle Battle and Pupply Play – web extra

    Picturing Dogs, Seeing OurselvesClick here to browse Ann-Janine Morey’s visual history of the relationship between Americans and their dogs.

  • Dog Parks, People Parks Feature

    Beside soccer fields and running trails, more and more communities are now adding dog parks to their recreation spaces. One Virginia scholar has been studying dog parks for over a decade and he says they bring surprising benefits. Allison Quantz has the story.


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