Aired: October 17, 2015

Nominating the President

  • Elite Plays in Presidential Nominations (15 min.)

    With: Marty Cohen (James Madison University)

    If it’s not money or popularity polls, then what determines which candidates will be nominated for President?  Cohen co-authored The Party Decides: Presidential Nominations Before and After Reform.

  • President Lincoln, the Techie (13 min.)

    With: Richard Lowry (College of William and Mary)

    Famous photographer Alexander Gardner created the most iconic images of President Lincoln. Lowry examines why Lincoln sat for so many photos in his book The Photographer and the President.

  • Civil War Selfies (11 min.)

    With: Richard Straw (Radford University)

    The story of one early photographer who broke the rules and took some amusingly candid shots. Straw studies these photos in his book Rockbridge County: The Michael Miley Collection.

  • Voting Viva Voce (13 min.)

    With: Don Debats (Virginia Foundation for the Humanities Fellow)

    In the nineteenth century, voting wasn’t just public; it was a raucous, drunken community festival. How did we get to the private event of casting secret votes we have today?

  • Cracked-Plate-Lincoln

    The Cracked Plate of Lincoln

    The famously imperfect photograph of President Lincoln is on exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery. Details can be found on the Gallery’s website here.

  • The Elite Vote

    Much attention is given to whoever leads the pack of presidential candidates each week, but as one Virginia scholar explains, polls can be misleading. Allison Quantz explains what many experts believe is really behind the nomination process.


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