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Melody Valve

Dr. Mark Roeser (University of Virginia)

Sammy was just a month old when he started experiencing symptoms of heart failure. Dr. Mark Roeser helped perform the groundbreaking surgery that saved the boy’s life.

14 mins

No One Cares Alone

Dr. Mark Greenawald (Virginia Tech)

Burnout is especially prevalent in the medical field. And Dr. Mark Greenawald should know, he felt its devastating effects after a patient of his died tragically while giving birth. Earlier this year, he created PeerRxMed to help health care workers identify and overcome burnout.

14 mins

The Rise of Domestic Violence During COVID

Jhumka Gupta (George Mason University)

Domestic violence has been on the rise since the onset of the pandemic. Jhumka Gupta says that’s because stay at home orders have isolated women with abusive partners.

11 mins


Erika Metzler Sawin (James Madison University)

Getting facetime with a doctor can be tough–they’re often overbooked and expensive. The problem is even worse in rural areas, where there’s a shortage of doctors. Erika Metzler Sawin runs a program called UPCARE, placing RNs in rural communities to help fill the gap and get more care to more people.

13 mins

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