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Pushing the Envelope

Lashrecse Aird

In 2016, Lashrecse Aird made history as the youngest woman ever elected to the Virginia House of Delegates. She says her unique perspective – shaped by a childhood of adversity and hardship – allows her to better serve the full range of experiences within her constituency.

11 mins

Activism Runs in the Family

Ebony Guy

Ebony Guy was inspired to get involved in activism from a young age by her grandmother, a beloved civil rights leader in Halifax County, Virginia. Now a board member at Virginia Organizing – her activist work has centered on voter education and political campaigns.

8 mins

From the Shadow of Monticello to the House of Delegates

Paul Clinton Harris

From 1997-2001, Paul Clinton Harris represented Albemarle County in the Virginia House of Delegates. A descendant of enslaved people at Monticello, he describes his unlikely path to political office – serving in the very seat that Thomas Jefferson once held many years ago.

9 mins

Amending the Past

A.E. Dick Howard (University of Virginia)

A.E. Dick Howard directed the commission that rewrote Virginia’s constitution, which was eventually enacted in 1971. It was a bipartisan effort intended to heal the wounds of the state’s racist past. 50 years later, he reflects on whether the new constitution went far enough.

24 mins

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