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The New Brownies Book

Karida Brown (Emory University) and Charly Palmer

In the midst of the Harlem Renaissance, W.E.B. DuBois wanted children to have something to read. Something that was speaking to them. So he started The Brownies’ Book, a monthly periodical for “children of the sun.” One hundred years later, sociologist Karida Brown and visual artist Charly Palmer bring us The New Brownies.

17 mins

The Always Now Rapture

Brenton Boyd (Virginia Humanities HBCU Scholar Fellow, Emory University)

Why Brenton Boyd says that Black Americans and Caribbeans have already coped with the rapture.

11 mins

The Deans of Black Composers

Bianca Jackson (Virginia Humanities HBCU Scholar Fellow, Norfolk State University)

What William Grant Still and Undine Smith Moore’s early 20th century compositions tell us about then and now, according to Bianca Jackson.

24 mins

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