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Two Just Won’t Do

Julian Glover (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Can one person really satisfy all of our needs? Julian Glover says no. They share how non-monogamy can be a freedom practice. 

14 mins

CAUTION: Needy (And That’s Okay!)

Lalin Anik (University of Virginia)

We’re drawn to people who are kind to others. But once that kind person becomes our partner, we want special treatment. Lalin Anik says that we get a boost from feeling our “uniqueness” affirmed. She shares just how critical that special treatment is to a fulfilling relationship.

15 mins

How to Feel

Sushma Subramanian (University of Mary Washington)

Studies show that the more we look at screens, the less we feel our body. Scary, right? In our virtual world, we are becoming increasingly out of touch. Sushma Subramanian‘s new book How To Feel delves into the science and meaning of touch.

16 mins

3 Rules for Dating

Kristina Feeser (UVA Wise)

Kristina Feeser shares her bittersweet realities of love.

8 mins

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