Aired: November 21, 2015

My Life as a Wild Turkey

  • Flying Ninja Turkeys (6 min.)

    With: Eric Walden (Little Hawk Logistics)

    A pilot marvels at the ninja-like moves of the wild turkey mid-flight.

  • Life as a Turkey Mother (15 min.)

    With: Joe Hutto

    World-renowned naturalist Joe Hutto, subject of the Emmy winning BBC documentary “My Life As a Turkey”, discusses how he became a wild turkey mother in the hammocks of Florida.

  • Why the Bronze Turkey Disappeared (5 min.)

    With: Paul Kelly and Judd Culver (KellyBronze Turkeys)

    A visit to an organic turkey farm to find out how the once-scorned bronze-feathered turkey is making a comeback.

  • A Rhyme of Engineering Gone Way Wrong (3 min.)

    With: Jay Sullivan (Virginia Military Institute)

    Sullivan, a professor of Mechanical Engineering, sends his students off on Thanksgiving break with this poem about a young engineer who meddles in the preparation of the Thanksgiving turkey with Hindenberg-like results.

  • Native American Harvest Traditions (12 min.)

    With: Anton Treuer (Bemidji State University)

    Anton Treuer, author of Everything You Wanted to Know About Indians But Were Afraid to Ask, shares how he and his family give thanks.

  • Frybread Please (5 min.)

    With: Karenne Wood (Virginia Foundation for the Humanities)

    A simple food born of desperate times, you can count on seeing frybread at Native American feasts.

  • The Sioux Chef (7 min.)

    With: Sean Sherman (The Sioux Chef)

    A Minnesota chef gives us a taste of pre-contact American Indian cuisine.

  • Frybread Please

    A simple food born of desperate times, you can count on seeing frybread at Native American feasts. Lilia Fuquen reports from the kitchen with the director of Virginia Indian Programs, Karenne Wood.

  • Joe Hutto: Turkey Mother

    Our guest Joe Hutto spent over 2 years raising a rafter of wild turkeys. Watch the stunning, Emmy Award winning BBC documentary “My Life as a Turkey” to learn more about his journey into the razor’s edge of consciousness… with turkeys.  The entire film can be watched here.


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