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Mountain Music

Tyler Hughes (Mountain Empire Community College)

Growing up in Southwest Virginia, Tyler Hughes has been steeped in the traditions of mountain music and dance from a young age. For him, music is about community.

19 mins

Musical Life Skills

Karen Feathers and Jackie Secoy (Longwood University)

Life skills classes for people with exceptional needs often teach things like cooking, money skills, and street safety. Karen Feathers and Jackie Secoy believe that appreciating, listening to, discussing, and even playing music are important life skills, too.

9 mins

The Math of Music

Robert Wells (University of Mary Washington)

Imagine you’re looking at a piece of art like a painting or a sculpture. You can probably describe it in some basic ways using math–it’s 30 inches long, it’s twice as tall as it is deep, that sort of thing. Robert Wells says we can do the same thing with music.

13 mins

The Beatles 60 Years Later

Thomas Payne (William & Mary)

60 years later, The Beatles still capture our attention–and new audiences, too! Thomas Payne is helping a new generation fall in love with John, Paul, George, and Ringo.

11 mins

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