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Gothic Literature for Kids

Rhonda Brock-Servais (Longwood University)

Rhonda Brock-Servais says that gothic or horror books for young kids are more popular than ever. She explores why and shares some of her favorites.

12 mins

The Hogzilla Chuck Norris Duck Ape

Terry Smith (Radford University)

What is a Hogzilla Chuck Norris Duck Ape? It’s the creation of a special education class in St. Louis and winner of the 2014 Global Monster Project. Terry Smith explains how creating monsters like this can help kids learn and grow.

If you’re a teacher interested in being part of the Monster Project, email Terry Smith at

7 mins

Dealing With Difficult Classroom Behavior

Kevin Sutherland

Kevin Sutherland talks about training teachers to address bad behavior before it happens, not after.

9 mins

Reading a Teacher

Bob Pianta (University of Virginia)

The most important factor in determining student success if having a good teacher. In two 15-minute sessions, Bob Pianta can tell whether a teacher is good or bad.

6 mins

Rising to the Top

Freeman Hrabowski (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)

Heralded by Time as one of the ten best college presidents, Freeman Hrabowski helped build UMBC’s reputation as a top school for students of color in STEM fields.

12 mins

Word Problems

Anne Charity Hudley (College of William and Mary)

Surprisingly, sometimes the problem in math class is not with numbers, but with words. Anne Charity Hudley believes teachers need to be more aware of how cultural language differences can put some students at a disadvantage in the classroom.

6 mins

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