Aired: March 23, 2013

Goodnight Moon!


First published in 1947, Goodnight Moon has become one of the most popular books for young children. Yet the book’s author, Margaret Wise Brown, always wanted to write for adults. With Good Reason producer Kelley Libby tells the story of Brown’s life, from Hollins College to her tragic early death. Also featured: Opened after the ravages of World War II, the International Youth Library in Munich was an effort to introduce Germany’s children to the literature of other cultures to promote understanding. It’s now the largest repository of children’s literature in the world. Dr. Osa Osayimwense (Virginia State University) is a former fellow at the library. He says the internationalizing of children’s literature is a step toward world peace. And: With busy schedules and media-soaked lives, have our children lost their ability to engage in moment-by-moment experiences? Michele Briggs and Tammy Gilligan (James Madison University) discuss the lost art of mindfulness, its importance to classroom decorum and academic achievement, and what teachers can do to help children learn this important skill.


2 Comments on “Goodnight Moon!”

  1. Peggy Mason

    I picked up 47 vintage children’s books at a thrift store and Color Kittens was one of them. Coincidentally I had read it to my two grandsons the day before the program aired in July. They talked about the book to a lical librarian as part of a reading incentive program. They are 5 and 7 and competely understood it!

  2. Kelley Libby

    What a fantastic thing to do—to add vintage books to your grandsons’ shelves. There’s so much richness in books like the Color Kittens. Thanks for sharing, Peggy! And for listening to the show.


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