Aired: November 23, 2018

Spirituality in Millennials

A young woman meditates in the woods. Source: Max Pixel. Licensed by CC0 1.0.

  • Spiritual but Not Religious (19 min.)

    With: Matthew Hedstrom (University of Virginia)

    “Spiritual but not Religious” is an increasingly popular tagline for the millennial generation – aged 18 to 34. Matthew Hedstrom looks at why “spirituality” is on the rise.

  • Mason Bees to the Rescue (9 min.)

    With: Lisa Horth (Old Dominion University)

    The catastrophic decline of the bee population is a significant danger to our food supply. But Lisa Horth argues that a different insect, called mason bees, might step in to help out.

  • Sudden Death in Kids (13 min.)

    With: Matthew Thomas and Matthew Wolf (University of Virginia Health System)

    Sudden death in young people is rare, but early detection of inherited heart conditions is helping patients take better precautions. Matthew Thomas and Matthew Wolf explain.

  • Mental Health in the Family (11 min.)

    With: Lisa Ellison (James Madison University)

    Lisa Ellison‘s brother was plagued with mental health issues until age 20, when he committed an awful crime and then took his own life. Now she’s a mental health counselor and advocate.

  • Spiritual but Not Religious Feature

    The latest research shows that about a third of young adults say they’re religiously unaffiliated. Is this just putting a new term on an old pattern, or is there something more going on here?


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