Many environmental movements pop up in small communities. Records aren’t always kept. What remains are the t-shirts, petitions and water bottles created along the way. Jinny Turman (University of Virginia at Wise) and her students are helping to preserve what’s in plain sight. And: Sea level is rising. People along the Chesapeake Bay are feeling it, and researchers are swarming. Nicole Hutton Shannon (Old Dominion University) says that heavily surveyed communities should have access to the research they contribute to. 

Later in the show: There’s a lot of water insecurity in the Navajo Nation. Adam Crepelle (George Mason University) says this affects every aspect of life. Plus: For years, researchers wondered how saltwater marshes would survive sea level rise along the Chesapeake. They have their answer. Matt Kirwan (Virginia Institute of Marine Science at William and Mary) says that the marshes are migrating inland, often expanding into ghost forests. 

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