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From Day One

Chelsea Williams (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Little kids absorb everything around them–from the words we say, to the way we move and dress. Psychologist Chelsea Williams says that long before we realize it, little kids are also absorbing attitudes about race and ethnicity. She studies how parents can help young Latinx kids be proud of their identity.

14 mins

Dividing Lines

Monika Gosin (William & Mary)

 The 1980 Marial Boatlift brought 125,000 mostly Black Cuban immigrants into Florida. Monika Gosin says messaging around these arrivals in Miami reveals a lot about the racial tensions that already existed between African Americans and the existing, mostly white, Cuban enclave. Her book shares the memories of Black Cubans who struggled to find their places within African-American and Latinx communities in Florida.

15 mins

Supporting Latino College Students

Juan Espinoza (Virginia Tech) and Karina Kline-Gabel (James Madison University)

Record numbers of Latino students are enrolled in college, but there’s still a huge achievement gap between Latino and non-Latino Americans. Juan Espinoza and Karina Kline-Gabel are working through The Virginia Latino Higher Education Network to get more Latino students to–and through–college.

24 mins

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