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The Minority Body

Elizabeth Barnes (University of Virginia)

Living with a disability can be hard. But it doesn’t have to lead to a life less lived. Elizabeth Barnes says her own diagnosis made her confront the reality of finding the unexpected joys in disability.

14 mins

Language Deprivation

Carrie Humphrey and Colin Wells (Reynolds Community College)

Many parents of young deaf children don’t have access to learn sign language. Carrie Humphrey and Colin Wells say this can put deaf kids at a disadvantage and delay their development. Carrie and Colin both work as full-time faculty in the American Sign Language and Interpreter Education program at Reynolds Community College. Carrie was named an Outstanding Faculty member by The State Council of Higher Education for Virginia.

14 mins

Disability Disclosure

Susan Ghiaciuc (James Madison University)

In 2007, Susan Ghiaciuc was diagnosed with MS. After she told her university employer, she was promptly greeted with a mound of paperwork and probing questions. Now she’s working to help improve the disclosure process for professors across Virginia.

13 mins

Universal Design For Learning

Laurie Cubbison (Radford University)

Traditional ways of teaching don’t always work for every student. That’s what prompted Laurie Cubbison to look for alternatives. She says Universal Design for Learning better serves students with a diverse array of learning needs.

11 mins

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