Aired: November 15, 2019

Meet Your Maker

Close-up of hands working on pottery wheel. Source: Shenghung Lin / flickr. Licensed by CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

  • Bird Talk (3 min.)

    With: Kristin Keimu Adolfson (Virginia Center for the Book)

    During the holiday season, it feels like more and more consumers are skipping the department stores and opting for handcrafted goods instead. We stop in at the Virginia Center for the Book, where Kristin Keimu Adolfson is printing a collaborative book called Bird Talk using an antique Vandercook printing press.

  • What We Make With Our Hands (14 min.)

    With: Ben Brewer (James Madison University)

    Ben Brewer says the current “third wave” craft renaissance we’re experiencing is tied to politics.

  • Drinking Homemade (6 min.)

    With: Gabe Mixon (Blue Ridge Community College in Flatrock, NC)

    Craft brewer Gabe Mixon shares a lesson in making beer.

  • Design for the People (6 min.)

    With: Kim Peters, Adele Ball, and Matt O'Connor (Virginia Commonwealth University)

    We visit mOb, an innovative design studio at Virginia Commonwealth University, where students in the disciplines of Graphic Design, Fashion Design, and Interior Design come together to solve design problems in the city of Richmond.

  • Farm to Table Food (24 min.)

    With: Alice Waters

    Chef and food activist Alice Waters argues that every child in America should be fed free, organic food at schools. Waters speaks candidly about her life before she opened Chez Panisse, her seminal farm-to-table restaurant in Berkeley, California.


Transcript coming soon!


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