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Forest Fires in Appalachia

Stockton Maxwell (Radford University)

Last year, thick smoke from Canadian wildfires wafted down and blanketed a broad swath of the East Coast – from New York to North Carolina. The wildfire smoke had us East Coasters feeling like the apocalypse had arrived. But fires aren’t always doom and gloom. Stockton Maxwell says they can actually be restorative for forests.

14 mins

Christmas Island Coral Reefs

Pamela Grothe (University of Mary Washington)

Coral reefs are one of the most beautiful ecosystems of the natural world. But they’re more than just a feast for the eyes. Pamela Grothe says coral reefs offer a map to the past, helping researchers track climate history over many hundreds of years.

14 mins

Groundwater Overuse

Manoochehr Shirzaie (Virginia Tech)

By now most of us know about the harsh reality of sea-level rise. But you’ve probably never heard of groundwater overuse. Manoochehr Shirzaie says it’s causing US coastal land to sink at an alarming rate – in some places close to 20 inches per year!

11 mins

The Equity Center

Barbara Brown Wilson (University of Virginia)

The Equity Center at the University of Virginia helps empower communities to tackle climate injustice. Barbara Brown Wilson is a co-founder of the Equity Center. She shares some of her favorite projects across Virginia – from heat islands in Charlottesville to coastal flooding on the Eastern Shore.

13 mins

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