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Magic and Miracles

Shaily Patel (Virginia Tech)

At markets in the ancient world, silver-tongued magicians hawked their wares of amulets, cursed tablets and even spells. But Shaily Patel says early Christians developed the concept of divine miracle to distinguish themselves from magic.

14 mins

The Dao of Fred Rogers

John Thompson (Christopher Newport University)

From 1968 to 2001, Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood defined generations of childhoods. John Thompson says many of the life lessons Fred Rogers shared on the show embody principles of an ancient Chinese tradition known as daoism.

14 mins

Is There a God?

Kenny Pearce (James Madison University)

Does God exist? We’ve all grappled with the question. In his latest book – Is There a God? A DebateKenny Pearce debates his colleague and avowed atheist, Graham Oppy, on the existence of God and the merits of believing in a higher being.

12 mins

Buddhism and Warfare

Christie Kilby (James Madison University)

Buddhism is widely-known as a peaceful tradition deeply committed to non-violence. But Christie Kilby says Buddhism actually has a lot to teach about warfare. She consults for the International Committee of the Red Cross, exploring connections between Buddhism and the laws of war.

12 mins

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