Aired: February 9, 2018

Love Me Do




  • Wines for Wooing (14 min.)

    With: Andrew Hodson (Piedmont Community College)

    A wine expert recommends inexpensive wines—and chocolate pairings—for your sweetheart.

  • Life is Like a Box of Dark Matter (7 min.)

    With: Joshua Erlich (William and Mary)

    Theoretical physicist Joshua Erlich spends his days pondering dark matter. Along with the universe, the other dark matter he explores is the science of making chocolate

  • February Flowers (7 min.)

    With: David Pippin (J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College)

    A floral designer offers a piece of advice that might seem blasphemous: this Valentine’s Day, skip the roses and go with something nontraditional. He also shares tips for creating and keeping long-lasting bouquets in your home.

  • Love, Drugs, & Cinema (13 min.)

    With: Jessica Salvatore (Virginia Commonwealth University)

    A psychologist examines the relationship between romance and addiction, and how popular culture portrays this relationship in the media.

  • The Dating Apocalypse (3 min.)

    With: Peter Eckel (With Good Reason

    How have dating apps changed the world of relationships? Production intern Peter Eckel investigates.

  • Divorce & Alcoholism (8 min.)

    With: Kenneth Kendler (Virginia Commonwealth University)

    Psychiatrist Kenneth Kendler discusses what to look for when a genetic predisposition to alcohol abuse is kick-started with a divorce.



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