Aired: August 4, 2017

Love and Drugs

  • Love, Drugs, & Cinema (910 min.)

    With: Jessica Salvatore (Virginia Commonwealth University)

    Jessica Salvatore examines the relationship between romance and addiction, and how popular culture portrays this relationship in the media.

  • The Dating Apocalypse (3 min.)

    With: Peter Eckel (With Good Reason)

    How have dating apps changed the world of relationships? Production intern Peter Eckel investigates.

  • Divorce & Alcoholism (10 min.)

    With: Kenneth Kendler (Virginia Commonwealth University)

    Psychiatrist Kenneth Kendler discusses what to look for when a genetic predisposition to alcohol abuse is kick-started with a divorce.

  • E-Drugs (12 min.)

    With: Michelle Peace (Virginia Commonwealth University)

    The use of e-cigarettes and vaping is growing at a rapid rate. Now drug users are using e-cigarettes to vape illicit drugs. Michelle Peace is part of a team investigating the use of e-cigarettes and illegal drugs.

  • Menthol Woes (12 min.)

    With: Nadine Kabbani (George Mason University)

    Nadine Kabbani has new research showing that menthol can actually make cigarettes more addictive. This might be having an outsized impact on teen smokers–nearly 50% of them choose menthols over regular cigarettes.