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Love, Drugs, & Cinema

Jessica Salvatore (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Jessica Salvatore examines the relationship between romance and addiction, and how popular culture portrays this relationship in the media.

15 mins

The Dating Apocalypse

Peter Eckel (With Good Reason)

How have dating apps changed the world of relationships? Production intern Peter Eckel investigates.

3 mins

Divorce & Alcoholism

Kenneth Kendler (Virginia Commonwealth University)

Psychiatrist Kenneth Kendler discusses what to look for when a genetic predisposition to alcohol abuse is kick-started with a divorce.

10 mins


Michelle Peace (Virginia Commonwealth University)

The use of e-cigarettes and vaping is growing at a rapid rate. Now drug users are using e-cigarettes to vape illicit drugs. Michelle Peace is part of a team investigating the use of e-cigarettes and illegal drugs.

12 mins

Menthol Woes

Nadine Kabbani (George Mason University)

Nadine Kabbani has new research showing that menthol can actually make cigarettes more addictive. This might be having an outsized impact on teen smokers–nearly 50% of them choose menthols over regular cigarettes.

12 mins

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