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Can You Afford to Read All About It?

Ed Jacobs (Old Dominion University)

There was a time where bowling in the street was considered a top felony. These and more serious crimes were the bread and butter of Victorian newspapers. Ed Jacobs says newspapers have long been a battleground between the elite and the poor.

14 mins

Free the Land

Katey Castellano (James Madison University)

For generations, Englishmen grew food on public land. They sustained their families with these gardens, and with fish and animals they hunted and killed. Then almost overnight, in a new and becoming industrial age, the commons were closed. Katey Castellano says this disconnected people from rural land, forcing them into the city for industrial wages.

14 mins

Those Darn Kids

Deanna Stover (Christopher Newport University)

Children’s books are much more than pretty pictures and fantasy lands. Deanna Stover says stories like Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland are all about teaching children how to see the world.

11 mins

Beautiful Catastrophe

Margaret Konkol (Old Dominion University)

We romanticize London fog about as much as we romanticize chemtrails. But Margaret Konkol says it’s all pollution, and it’s hard to see our human impact.

14 mins

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