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Remembering the Mariel Boatlift

Terry Marsh (Norfolk State University)

Citizens quickly took Fidel Castro up on his offer to leave Cuba from the Port of Mariel if they had someone to pick them up. From Spring to early Autumn of 1980, over one hundred thousand Cubans emigrated to America by boat. They arrived raw and tender-hearted, trying to reconnect with family members. Terry Marsh recalls the great attempts FEMA made to reconnect families and determine who was going to go where.

16 mins

How to Live With Water

Dan Richards (Old Dominion University)

People who live in hurricane and flood prone areas are often unreceptive to advice about evacuation or even flood insurance. Dan Richards has learned that trust and transparency are central to communicating flood risk. 

12 mins

The Secret Life of Toads

Matthias Leu (William & Mary)

In 1973, The Endangered Species Act was created to protect animals and plants and their habitats. Matthias Leu says that species have always competed with human interests to make the list.

12 mins

$1 Billion Summers

Steve Woolf (Virginia Commonwealth University)

There’s not much tree canopy in formerly redlined neighborhoods. People often seek medical attention for heat related illnesses. Steve Woolf and his colleagues found that this heat costs the United States approximately $1 billion in health care costs every summer.

12 mins

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