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The Penciling Mama

Cristina Richieri Griffin (University of Virginia)

19th and 20th century poet, Alice Meynell–a.k.a. “the penciling mama”–described motherhood as “life without boundaries.” Cristina Richieri Griffin discusses the Victorian mother of eight’s complicated feelings on mothering.

18 mins

Mothering from the Infamous Rosalie

Ima Hicks (Virginia Humanities)

The 2003 Haitian novel, The Infamous Rosalie, tells the stories of generations of women who are enslaved on a plantation. Ima Hicks explores how for these women, mothering was a particularly complicated act.

10 mins

Wearing Motherhood

Camilla Morrison (Radford University)

Camilla Morrison believes that a costume design can explore existential ideas like what it means to be a woman and how women grapple with motherhood.

12 mins

The Hard Parts

Marion Young (University of Virginia at Wise)

In recent years, experiences of postpartum depression that used to be whispered about are now shouted on tik tok and instagram. Marion Young has studied maternal depression and shares one way it changes how mothers parent.

12 mins

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