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The Origins of Valentine’s Day

Kat Tracy (Longwood University)

Valentine’s Day today means candy hearts and stuffed bears. But Kat Tracy says the origins of the holiday are far from cute and fuzzy–and they don’t have a whole lot to do with St. Valentine.

14 mins

Safe and Secure Relationships

Amber Pope (William & Mary)

A safe and secure relationship seems like an obvious goal, but it’s surprisingly hard to achieve. Amber Pope shares how attachment theory and strong support networks can help people thrive in a safe and secure partnership.

14 mins

The New Sex Ed.

Dayna Henry (James Madison University)

A thriving intimate relationship starts long before the meet-cute. Dayna Henry says early, comprehensive, age-appropriate sex education makes for happier, healthier relationships later in life.

13 mins

Gut Reactions

Lindsey Hicks (Christopher Newport University)

True love – is it in the head or the heart? Or the gut? No, this is not about your microbiome determining your love life. Instead, Lindsey Hicks wants to talk about what our gut reactions say about how our relationships are really going.

11 mins

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