Aired: June 2, 2012

King of Clubs

In the “Great Golf Marathon of 1938” an eccentric Chicago stockbroker attracted international attention by wagering he could play 33 rounds of golf in just 96 hours in 8 different cities across America. Jim Ducibella (College of William and Mary) is the author of the new book King of Clubs, which tells the story of Smith Ferebee and his million-dollar bet. By the time it ended, he had walked 182 miles, lost 21 pounds, and hit nearly 3,000 shots without ever losing a ball. Also featured: Charles Dickens turns 200 this year, and two films are in the works depicting the life of the popular author. One of them will star Ralph Fiennes, who played Voldemort in the Harry Potter movies. Jim Zimmerman (James Madison University) has written a dramatic, one-man show based on Dickens musing aloud on the last full day of his life. The monologue uses 90% of the author’s own words, and is filled with reflections about the purpose, meaning, and supposed futility of his life on the day of his fatal stroke.


3 Comments on “King of Clubs”

  1. Judy Irwin

    The book is so much fun & tells you all about golf, back in the day. It really got everyone involved. Worth the purchase! Jim tells one great story & is great being interviewed.

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